Fun Full Shopping Markets in Jaipur You Must Visit At Sunday

The kings and the Queens of the Rajput Clans where so rich that there are instances when Rajput Kings have gone to Great Britain, purchased rolls royces by making a full payment, shipping all of them to India and finally using them as garbage vehicles in their town municipality. One of the richest people to have ever lived in this world belongs to India and if there are a group of kings who can...

Astonishing Pattadakal Dance Festival In Karnataka Must See

India is known for its culture and it is exemplified in various forms. There are different kinds of visual arts, performing arts architecture and literature that come to the forefront when portraying the culture of India. India, in all its cultural identity, is also diverse. Pattadakal dance is one of the best ways to express the Feeling. The culture of North India is not the same as a centre and...
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