Festivals of Maharashtra

With the street housing the largest Metropolis of India and the same city also doubling up as the commercial capital of the country, you can see a lot of influx of people coming from all over the country to Maharashtra. In addition to all of this, Maharashtra also boasts of a culture that has been safely card for centuries and brought into glorious LimeLight by the marathas. With all of this, you...

Festivals of Punjab

The land of five rivers is a celebration in itself. The scene of the Sardar dancing energetically for the Bhangra songs is a fight that is good enough for you to get convinced that no other state in India celebrates like Punjab. Daler Mehndi songs and Honey Singh songs might be the order of the day but they do not in any way hamper the intensity of the celebration that happened in that state....

Most Popular Hindu Festivals Celebrated in India

India is a land that has a multicultural affinity and it is the most culturally diverse Nation on the planet. It is so culturally diverse that the food of North India might be almost alien to the food of South India and the language of Wonder state might not even be understood why its neighboring state. All these cultures come together to form The Wicked spectrum of the fabric of Indian Culture...
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