Festivals of Goa

India is so multicultural that sometimes you almost feel like you are in a different country all together. There are places that give you this feeling in a very strong sense and Goa is one among them. As said in mini movies, Goa gives you the feeling of having been teleported into a different tropical country all together. Within the expanse of beaches that have too many fun activities, the bar...

7 Popular Shopping Markets in Chandigarh

Are you a fashion lover? Chandigarh is the place for fashionistas. You can find a lot of affordable shopping markets in Chandigarh. Known to be as one of the gorgeous metropolises of India, Chandigarh houses a lot of significant features.  It is mostly crowded with hardworking and young people who are from within the city as well as from neighbouring cities like Haryana and Punjab. It is always...
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