Festivals of Kerala

Kerala, as many people say, is God's own country. There is nothing that is disappointing with Kerala and even the attitude of the people after the ravaging of the massive flood needs to be appreciated. If this state can hold a mood off celebration even in times of tragedy, just imagine the mood of celebration in actual celebrations! A lot of celebrations of its own in addition to celebrating the...

Festivals of Assam

The vivid legacy and rich culture of Assam reflect in the distinctive kinds of merriments and festivities that occur on its excellent land. The bewildering scope of celebrations and fairs that are praised in this Northeastern state is engaging, connecting with, lively and nothing not as much as a marvelous affair. The distinctive clans who consider Assam their home, pay tribute to their way of...

Festivals of Rajasthan

Rajasthan brags of its rich legacy, culture, and picturesque wonderful qualities. What's more, the same is reflected in shining lakes and treat, energetic markets, and entrancing castles and posts of Rajasthan. Irrefutably, similarly prevalent are the various vivid and conventional celebrations of Rajasthan. Some reflect ethnicity, some legacy, and some are simply social occasions. Especially...
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