Festivals of Goa

India is so multicultural that sometimes you almost feel like you are in a different country all together. There are…

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Festivals of Tamil Nadu

Rightly marketed as enchanting Tamilnadu, Tamil Nadu has a culture in India unlike any other state. While most of India…

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Festivals of Maharashtra

With the street housing the largest Metropolis of India and the same city also doubling up as the commercial capital…

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Festivals of Punjab

The land of five rivers is a celebration in itself. The scene of the Sardar dancing energetically for the Bhangra…

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Most Popular Hindu Festivals Celebrated in India

India is a land that has a multicultural affinity and it is the most culturally diverse Nation on the planet….

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Astonishing Pattadakal Dance Festival In Karnataka Must See

India is known for its culture and it is exemplified in various forms. There are different kinds of visual arts,…

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Boat Race Festival in Kerala

Kerala is one state in India that has always talked a distinction for itself in a lot of aspects including…

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Rajasthan’s Famous Pushkar Camel Fair

Traditionally, India has always been a land that gives a lot of respect not only to fellow human beings but…

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