Popular 8 Festivals in Chicago

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Chicago is famous for its art, architecture, shopping, cultural attractions, and festivals. Much fun activity is in Chicago. That’s why many people say Chicago is the “Windy City.” Chicago enjoys a worldwide reputation activity like art, architecture, and artists like Picasso, Miro, Dubuffet. This city concentrates more on sports activities like White Sox and Cubs in baseball and Chicago Bulls in basketball. Are you get tired of summer!! This city is the correct place for you to enjoy the summer. Pack your luggage and hit the summer music festival in Chicago. Music lovers never miss this place where your heart starts sings with them. Apart from the music festival, there are a lot of festivals in Chicago. Travel and experience the event.

Ravinia Festival:

Ravinia Festival

This Ravinia Festival is the most famous event in the summer season. This is the best entertainment festival to enjoy most of the youngsters like this festival. The light settings effects and sound effects will attract visitors. Ravinia Festival is one of the perfect events for music lovers. Ravinia is the ideal reason to visit Chicago in the summer. Visitors have lots of facilities here, like an accommodation facility near the festival location, that is most useful for long distanced people. 

Food Truck Festival:

Food Truck Festival

The Chicago Food Truck Festival has happened every month of May and June (especially in summer. Here, they are serving more than 50+ food that tastes good. Every and every dish which shows the native and culture of their country. Here available all varieties of foods, this festival is a little heaven for foodies. The most important thing about this festival is entry is free for all people. There is a special entry for VIP.  The cold beer is famous here. You can enjoy this festival with expressing live music. It shows the culture of Chicago. Come and enjoy yourself with your family and it is full of food and fun!!

Randolph Street Market:

Randolph Street Market

It is the best and correct place for all fashion models and shopping lovers!! You can explore all types of designs and styles like art and architecture models, travel, cosmetics, dress, and more. It is the best destination for all the merchandisers, decorators, fashionistas, hairstylists, and trendsetters. You can find more old fashioned items and vintage type furniture, jewelry, handmade items, global goods, etc.  This is the place where you can see all types of vendors!! There is a mini-shop where you can find all types of food and drinks. What else do you want more!! You can find more food, drinks and more!!

Dark Side Beer Festival:

Dark Side Beer Festival

This is the best place for craft brew drinkers. You can explore dark beer and all types of beer. You can explore all types of dark beer. Some type of beer you can’t see outside Chicago. the festival was celebrated every year. Much famed to be the unique brew celebration that is taken for the extended duration of time. This celebration spectators participation from the real local and nationwide wineries, so most of the foreign visitors like to visit here. you can use all the time tasting the brews here. If guzzling brew all time gives you weak, you can revel in some entertaining activities and sports too. If you are in Chicago, don’t miss to attend this Dark Side Beer Festival. 

Chicago House Music Festival:

Chicago House Music Festival

Location of the open outside celebration at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park. and the festival was celebrated every year in May month. This is the perfect festival to enjoy who loves music and dance. Worldwide DJs and dancers are participating here. So you can find your favorite DJs and dancers here. You can spend your best holiday at the Chicago House Music Festival with your friends. 

Chicago Blues Festival:

Chicago Blues Festival

Location of the Chicago Blues Festival in Millennium Park. and the festival was celebrated every year in June months. The Chicago Blues Festival is the biggest independent blues celebration in the society and lives the greatest of sound(music)celebration. While 3days on five stages, over 500,000 blues enthusiasts gather to Millennium Park, show that Chicago is the blues capital of the environment. Past entertainers hold Ray Charles, Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, the late Koko Taylor, Bo Diddley, and late Buddy Guy.

Chicago Summer dance:

Chicago Summer Dance

Location of the Chicago Summer Dance Festival in Grant Park, Spirit of the Music Garden, and other Chicago Park District. and the festival was celebrated every year from June to August months.

If you love to dance or like to see dance means this Chicago summer fest is yours. It is a perfect celebration festival with your friends. Worldwide professional dancers are participating here. So you can find your favorite DJs and dancers here. Dance to the beat of various live bands and DJs. This festival will present a colorful trip during the summer season. Don’t miss to celebrate this festival with your friends. 

Chicago is famous for its art, architecture, shopping, cultural attractions, and festivals. There are more festivals celebrated in Chicago than we can believe! Every festival in interesting and different in its own style. This is an ideal place for all children and mature people. Also, Chicago has many fun activities and relaxation. So you must visit and celebrate the colorful festivals in Chicago. 

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