Festivals of Punjab

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The land of five rivers is a celebration in itself. The scene of the Sardar dancing energetically for the Bhangra songs is a fight that is good enough for you to get convinced that no other state in India celebrates like Punjab. Daler Mehndi songs and Honey Singh songs might be the order of the day but they do not in any way hamper the intensity of the celebration that happened in that state. Punjab has a lot of unique celebrations and festivals that make it an amazing place to experience during one such occasion. The spirit of Punjab comes alive during these festivals, literally! When you plan your trip to Punjab, it is a great idea for you to plan it to coincide with this amazing occasions.

Here are a few celebrations in Punjab that make it a state worth visiting.


Being the fertile Valley where the five rivers flow, agriculture is an important part of the Punjabi lifestyle. In fact, many Indian cultures have their own way of celebrating their occupation and for Punjab, it is this festival. Punjab is known as the wheat bowl of India and the farms in Punjab produce more than 28% of the total wheat in India. The harvest festival falls on the 14th of April every year and the mood of celebration can be seen in every house that is decorated and painted to be vibrant. People wear new clothes and there are a lot of exhibitions and fun activities that are held in different parts of the state. The Folk music, the folk dance and the Bhangra is the order of the day. If all this wasn’t enough, the Punjabi food Fiesta on that day is worth drooling!

Hola mohalla

Hola Mohalla is the Punjabi version of Holi. It is celebrated just a day after the rest of India celebrate the festival of colours. It usually falls in the month of March and early on the month. This is the day, according to Sikhs that Guru Gobind Singh incepted the Khalsa Panth. In accordance with the tradition of the sardars, the entire expense of Punjab is filled with decorated Gurdwara that are ready to serve their food to anyone and everyone who would visit the holy promise. There are a lot of religious programs that happen in the gurdwaras and the entire State of Punjab was a very vibrant mode. One of the specialities of this festival is the horse riding and the show of gatka which is one of the martial arts of Punjab.


It is said that the grass is greener on the other side. In the summer, you wish for winter and in the winter you wish for someone. However in Punjab, the winters are more severe and that is the reason this festival is celebrated. Lohri is celebrated as a festival to invoke the blessings and warmth of the Sun god during the winter months. A lot of food items that Pak heat like the jaggery, sesame seeds and many other things are offered in fire. The Bonfire of Lohri is the highlight of this festival. People dance and sing around huge bonfires and this is quite a sight and sound to enjoy. There is also a legend that says that it is celebrated in the owner of a man who served the good cause of saving Hindu girls from been abducted by Mughal barbarians point

This festival generally falls on the 13th of January and interestingly, which is the day that Tamilnadu also celebrate Bhogi.

Karwa Chauth

There are festivals that celebrate the joy of marriage and relationships, and Karwa Chauth is one among them. This is the day when the women who are engaged or married and in these days, even women who are in a relationship keep fast for the well being of their boyfriends, fiance’s or husbands from the Sun rise to the moon rise. Special poojas are arranged for the well being of the heart throb of the lovely ladies of Punjab. Karwa Chauth is one of the interesting festivals of Punjab.

Basant Panchami

The term Basanth and Punjab go together always, thanks to the song that was made Immortal and a memorial by Bhagat Singh. Basant Panchami is a festival that is celebrated all over India but it is quite special in Punjab. This festival marks the beginning of the spring season and is considered to be an auspicious time for getting married or buying a house. This festival is celebrated in the owner of Saraswati who is considered the Goddess of wisdom and learning in Hinduism. The highlight of this festival is the flying of kites and the yellow attire of the people of Punjab.


If there is one state that celebrate the awesomeness of womanhood, it has got to be Punjab. This festival is a women’s Dance Festival and the Young women of Punjab perform their folk dance and ride on the swings while wearing Shiny and colourful clothes. This festival is also celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa but it doesn’t become as vibrant as it does in Punjab.

Visit any Punjabi wedding and you will know that you cannot take celebration out of Punjab and you cannot take Punjab out of celebration. The Punjabi people have this innate attitude of being chilled out and celebrating everything, exemplified in the phrase Mast Kalandar. Festivals of Punjab scene to reflect this attitude of Punjabis who always want to chill out and enjoy their life as and when it comes. The next time you are on a tour package to Punjab, do not forget to experience this awesomeness of festivals in Punjab that make the most vibrant state in India even more energetic!

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