Festivals of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan brags of its rich legacy, culture, and picturesque wonderful qualities. What’s more, the same is reflected in shining lakes and treat, energetic markets, and entrancing castles and posts of Rajasthan. Irrefutably, similarly prevalent are the various vivid and conventional celebrations of Rajasthan. Some reflect ethnicity, some legacy, and some are simply social occasions. Especially Teej is the one best festivals of Rajastan and they are going to crazy if they have any famous festivals in Rajastan.

While a few celebrations are customary and religious, others are absolutely social fairs. In this way, before you begin arranging an occasion in Rajasthan, we convey to you a speedy rundown of the brilliant fairs and celebrations of Rajasthan.

1. Teej

Where: Jaipur

A standout amongst the most mainstream celebrations of Rajasthan, Teej is praised with total loftiness, conventional melodies and move, reasonable, and love of Goddess Teej. There is a fabulous parade in which the brilliant palanquin of Goddess Teej is taken over the city with improved elephants, ponies, and camels.

Key attractions: Ghewar (Teej-uncommon sweet), Malpua, and womenfolk wearing green customary dresses, bangles, and mehendi

Date for Teej 2017: 24th August

2. Global Kite Festival

Where: Jaipur and Jodhpur

A standout amongst the most lively and prevalent celebrations of Rajasthan, The International Kite Festival is commended around Makar Sankranti consistently. Local people, and also sightseers, fly kites of different shapes and hues and relish nearby treats and desserts accessible all over the place.

Key attractions: Kite War, firecrackers, lit up kites, and desserts like Ghevar, Til-paati, Gajak, and kheer

Dates for International Kite Festival 2017: thirteenth January – fourteenth January

3. Jaipur Literature Festival

Where: Jaipur

This is apropos shown as the best artistic show on Earth, displaying works of beginner and most rumored scholars. From Nobel Laureates and Man Booker Prize Winners to sprouting scholars, each writing devotee visits Diggi Palace for this writing celebration. This is a standout amongst the most renowned celebrations of Rajasthan and offers a beautiful extension for observers from Rajasthan and different parts of the world to pick up learning from and share thoughts with contemporary amazing stalwarts.

Key attractions: Book discharges, classes, discusses, visit shows, and verse sessions

Dates for JLF 2017: nineteenth January – 23rd January

4. Elephant Fair

Where: Jaipur

Elephant Fair, held each year at Jaipur Polo Ground upon the arrival of Holi, is a standout amongst the most popular conventional celebrations of Rajasthan. Elephants are enhanced with beautiful jhools (saddle material) and overwhelming gems and exhibited for races, appears, and rivalries. Female elephants are even made to wear anklets.

Key attractions: Polo Match and Tug of War between elephants

Date for Elephant Fair 2017: thirteenth March

5. Winter Festival

Where: Mount Abu

The Winter Festival unites craftsmans and craftsmen from various corners of the state to grandstand different types of workmanship, painstaking work, sustenance, and culture. Among the most popular fairs and celebrations of Rajasthan, the celebration additionally incorporates staggering firecrackers and verse sessions.

Key attractions: Deep Daan and kite flying and paddling rivalries

Dates for Winter Festival 2016: 29th December – 30th December

6. Summer Festival

Where: Mount Abu

The Summer Festival begins upon the arrival of Buddha Poornima and celebrates Rajasthani society culture and customs for three days. Alongside social shows, the celebration likewise arranges horse dashing, skating races, pull of war, sailing races in Nakki Lake, and live band appears.

Key attractions: Sham-e-Qawwali, Gair, Ghoomar, and Daph

Dates for Summer Festival 2017: ninth May – tenth May

7. Brij Holi

Where: Bharatpur

Commended few days before Holi, this uncommon Brij Holi is praised with love of Lord Krishna, move, music, and sprinkling of hues. This is a standout amongst the most well known fairs and celebrations of Rajasthan. Neighborhood individuals take a dunk in the ghats of Banganga River before offering supplication to the Radha Krishna Temple.

Key attractions: Enactment of Raslila

Dates for Brij Holi 2017: seventh March – eighth March

8. Urs Festival

Where: Ajmer

The Urs celebration is commended at the sacred tomb of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, memorializing his significant unification with Allah (God). Watched each year from first to sixth day of Rajab (seventh Islamic month), this is one of the religious celebrations of Rajasthan and draws in adherents from everywhere throughout the world. Here, the tomb is cleaned with rosewater and hung with a weaved silk fabric. This is trailed by supplications and contributions.

Key attractions: Sajjada Nashin white banner lifting, Qawwalis, and Mehfil sessions

Date for Urs 2017: 2017 dates are yet to be announced

9. Pushkar Camel Fair

This is a standout amongst the most customary celebrations in Rajasthan, where a huge number of camels accumulate for exchanging. This one of its kind fair is praised with music, move and enchantment appears, gymnastic performers, wind charmers and merry go round rides.

Key attractions: Parade and excellence challenges of all around finished camels, hot-air expand ride, mustache rivalry, and workmanship bazaar

Dates for Pushkar Camel Fair 2016: second November – eleventh November

10. Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Where: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

The Jodhpur RIFF is a yearly celebration that has been sorted out in Jodhpur since 2007. It plans to advance customary people music and expressions. It is held each year on the Sharad Purnima – the brightest full moon of the year – at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.

Key attractions: Folk music and move, jazz night, early morning ragas, and different intuitive sessions

Dates for Shree Festival 2016: thirteenth October – seventeenth October

11. Kolayat Fair

Where: Kolayat, Bikaner

Prevalently known as the Kapil Muni Fair, this hypnotizing jamboree is a standout amongst the most well known celebrations in Rajasthan. Amid this occasion, all the 52 ghats are flawlessly beautified. Individuals offer sweetmeats, drain pudding, and sugar drops to the symbols of the god. Lovers additionally take dunk in the heavenly Kolayat Lake.

Key attractions: Floating of oil lights by the devotees and steers exchanging

Dates for Kolayat Fair 2016: twelfth November – fourteenth November

12. Mewar Festival

Where: Udaipur

To commend the beginning of spring, Mewar Festival is sorted out in Udaipur with greatness and wonder. This is the world’s second Living Heritage Festival and a standout amongst the most mainstream fairs and celebrations of Rajasthan. It is commended with people music, move, nourishment, and celebrations.

Key attractions: Musical shows, traditional move, courses on protection of city landmarks, lavish nourishment slows down by proficient gourmet experts, and magnificent firecracker show

Dates for Mewar Festival 2017: 29th March – 31st March

13. Kumbhalgarh Festival

Where: Kumbhalgarh, Udaipur

Kumbhalgarh Festival is known for its energetic melodic shows, excessive move presentations by nearby craftsmen, and stupendous firecracker shows. Held with the Kumbhalgarh Fort in the scenery, this social devour is a heaven for craftsmanship and culture fans.

Key attractions: Mehendi and turban tying challenges

Dates for Kumbhalgarh Festival 2017: Not yet pronounced

14. Bundi Festival

Where: Bundi

Bundi Utsav is a 3-day-long social spectacle. The heavenly fair composed by RTDC incorporates a great parade. Ethnic games, society move exhibitions, social occasions, and rivalries are the essential features of the celebration.

Key attractions: Competitions of wedding cosmetics, mustache, turban tying, kabaddi, horse riding, and camel race

Dates for Bundi Festival 2016: seventeenth November – nineteenth November

15. Matsya Festival

Where: Alwar

Matsya is a standout amongst the most mainstream celebrations of Rajasthan. This two-day celebration celebrated in the long stretch of November in Alwar is gone to by a lot of locals and remote visitors.

Key attractions: Hot air swelling, parasailing, zorbing, yoga, and dazzling experience filled armed force display

Date for Matsya Festival 2016: 25th November

16. Desert Festival

Where: Jaisalmer

Desert Festival is a social fair celebrated in the midst of the sand hills of the broad Thar Desert. The Rajasthani society culture is exhibited through move, music, gymnastic, camel polo, camel races, and other exciting games.

Key attractions: Gigs by a nearby itinerant gathering, rally from Jaisalmer Fort to Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium, Gair and Fire Dance, Tug of War, Turban tying, and different challenges

Dates for Desert Festival 2017: eighth February – tenth February

17. Nagaur Cattle Fair

Where: Nagaur

As the name recommends, this yearly reasonable is implied basically for dairy cattle exchanging. Just about 70,000 bullocks, camels, and ponies are exchanged. The steers are excessively decorated and their proprietors spruce up with kaleidoscopic turbans and long mustaches. Alongside creatures, flavors are exchanged. Performers, puppeteers, and storytellers are likewise observed here.

Key attractions: Mirchi Bazaar (biggest red stew market of India) and offer of wooden things, press artworks, and camel cowhide adornments

Dates for Cattle Fair 2017: first February – fourth February

18. Baneshwar Festival

Where: Dungarpur

Baneshwar Festival is one of the prominent inborn and social celebrations of Rajasthan. Sorted out in the Baneshwar sanctuary of Dungarpur, the celebration is of most criticalness to the Bhills clan. The clan comes here the distance from Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh to take a heavenly plunge at the union of Mahi and Som River.

Key attractions: Animal shows and manikin move

Dates for Baneshwar Festival 2017: seventh February – tenth February

19. Chandrabhaga Fair

Where: Jhalawar

This religious cum cattle fair pulls voyagers, dairy cattle herders, travelers, and adventurers from everywhere throughout the nation to gather on the banks of waterway Chandrabhaga for a blessed plunge and petition. In any case, for most local people, it holds a more prominent noteworthiness for cows exchanging.

Key attractions: Deep Daan, Shobha

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