Cheerful Festivals Of West Bengal You Must See Before 35

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The city of Joy is a really a place that is known for celebrations. Bengal praises celebrations, all around the year. It is having a wide range of celebrations consistently. Actually, there are such a large number of celebrations that it is difficult to set up the rundown of the main 10 celebrations of Bengal.

Still, with the extraordinary undertaking, we are introducing this blog concentrating on the social assorted variety and uniqueness in every one of these celebrations that Bengal appreciates with its kindred men. Lakshmi Puja is one of the best festivals of West Bengal.

Top 10 Famous Festivals Of West Bengal:

1. Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Puja festival enjoyment pictures
Saraswati Pujo is an excellent celebration for all Bengali school and school goers. The love of the Goddess Saraswati begins early in the day upon the arrival of Basanta Panchami. The celebration, for the most part, happens in January or February.

Devi Saraswati is outstanding as the Goddess of Education and Art. The understudy life of each Bengali stays brilliant for this blessed celebration. Bengali kids begin composing on this favorable day. A wide range of foundations and organizations like school and school praise this celebration for the welfare of instruction.

2. Dol Utsav


Basanta Utsav or Dol Utsav is the superb celebration of shading, happening in West Bengal. The festival happens in the respect of Lord Sri Krishna on this promising day. Bengalis likewise praise this uncommon day as the birthday of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Individuals appreciate this day by spreading shading powder or tossing shading water to each other.

3. Nabobarsho or Poila Baisakh


Poila Baisakh is really the New Year festivals of West Bengal. The Bengali date-book begins its excursion with this famous celebration. Nabobarsho festivity, for the most part, occurs in the Bengali month of Baisakh, on fourteenth or fifteenth April too.

Each Bengal family unit focuses on cleaning and designing homes sometime before the New Year starts with the day. Individuals stay occupied in getting ready grouped Bengali formulas and buying new garments. Above all, they adore the Lord Ganesha and the Goddess Lakshmi at homes, workplaces or working environments.

4. Jamai Soshthi


Jamai Soshthi is an awesome Bengal celebration to respect the connection between a child-in-law and his relative. This service happens in May or June, amid the unforgiving summer days. This propitious day is likewise committed to the Goddess Soshthi, by loving her altogether.

The Bengali child in-laws visit their in-law’s houses to go to the celebration on this day. The mothers-in-law make the plan of a few delightful dishes including desserts and occasional organic products for their child in-laws. The two sides trade an assortment of endowments between them. The mothers-in-law praise this extraordinary day for the prosperity of their girls and child in-laws. You can likewise read about The Top 10 Bengali Veg Dishes For Lunch And Dinner.

5. Eid


Eid-ul-Fitr or right away known as Eid is a terrific celebration of Muslims in West Bengal. A large number of Muslim individuals collect on Red Road and in numerous wide territories of Kolkata, to implore on this day. Every one of the mosques of the city stays swarmed till the setting of the sun. This is a monstrous service to affect a few people all finished West Bengal.

6. Durga Puja

Durga Pujo

Durga Puja is the famous festivals of West Bengal. Presently it is an overall festival, surpassing the limit of Bengal. Ordinarily, in the midst of the long periods of September and October, Durga Pujo begins on the 6th day of the fortnight. The completion day of Durga Puja is commonplace as Vijay Dashami.

The festival from Soshthi to Dashami takes a stupendous appearance all finished India. Individuals visit the acclaimed pandals, chiefly in Kolkata. Wearing new and in vogue attire, the gigantic populace appreciates having road nourishments and changing to another pandal. The City of Joy winds up ranting amid this celebration of 10 days.

7. Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi Pujo

With the finish of Durga Pujo function, Bengali family unit begins taking arrangements for Lakshmi Pujo too. This celebration happens on the day only multi-week after Dashami. The love of Goddess Lakshmi is one of the main family unit functions of West Bengal.

The festival happens for the appearance of this Hindu Goddess of wealth and opulence. The Hindu ministers achieve the love at a few homes. Arranged contributions are dedicated to the Goddess for conveying wealth and success to the families.

8. Kali Pujo

Kali Pujo

The celebration of Kali Pujo more often than not happens in late October or in the start of November. After Durga Pujo, it is certainly another greatest function of West Bengal. The love of Hindu Goddess Kali happens on this promising day. Goddess Kali is the damaging pantomime of Goddess Durga. The love goes ahead all through the whole night, till first light. The vast majority of the Bengalis commend this day by enlightening candles and consuming wafers. This amazing bubbly day is outstanding to the entire country as “Diwali”- the celebration of light.

9. Bhai Phota

Bhai Phota

Only one day after Kali Puja, the celebration of Bhai Phota develops in the long stretch of November. A service is an average option of the across the country Raksha Bandhan celebration. This unique day seems to fortify the bond between siblings and their sisters.

The Bengali sisters spread a little spot of Chandan and ghee blend on the brows of siblings. Every one of the sisters appeals to God for the welfare of their siblings and request quality to win each clash of life. Both the siblings and sisters trade blessings and desserts between themselves. Likewise, read about the Top 10 Tourist Spots in Kolkata You Must Visit

10. Christmas


Christmas appears as a monstrous festival in West Bengal. Regardless of religion and station, all Bengalis partake in this fabulous Christian celebration. Amid the finish of December, Kolkata loses its characteristic picture. The broad lighting on Park Street transforms the city into the best and amazing city on the eve of Christmas. Family individuals appreciate this promising day by cutting and having nutty delight also.

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