Fun Full Shopping Markets in Jaipur You Must Visit At Sunday

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The kings and the Queens of the Rajput Clans where so rich that there are instances when Rajput Kings have gone to Great Britain, purchased rolls royces by making a full payment, shipping all of them to India and finally using them as garbage vehicles in their town municipality. One of the richest people to have ever lived in this world belongs to India and if there are a group of kings who can be named as rich, it has to be the Rajput. You can find the luxury shopping markets in Jaipur. The Rajput richness was closed on tasteful things. It was not a surprise to see a Rajput king have a Louis Vuitton bag or a Rolex watch.

With so much money, shopping has always been an integral part of the Jaipur culture. To this Day comma even after it came completely into the Government of India and has bloomed to be a proper tourist destination, Jaipur offers a lot of places that you can shop till you drop. We have compiled a list of such places.

Johri Bazar

Best Street Shopping Places In Jaipur

Needless to say, Jaipur has one of India’s largest collection of jewellery belonging to different types. They might be precious stones and gems or semi precious stones or even things that go with today’s definition of fancy jewellery. There are also search and pieces of jewellery that feature a dazzling look better Limited warranty.

If you would like to experience all this piece of jewelry in a single shop, it has to be the grocery Bazaar. The Johari Bazar can be rightly called the gem market of India. It is also one of the earliest shopping places in Jaipur and the origin of the Johari Bazar goes back to two centuries. You can buy a lot of precious gemstones at reasonable prices. Although, you might have to have a land park in a little bit if you should get the right price. It is quite close to the Badi Chopar bus stop and is open from 10 A.M until 11 P. M.

Tripolia Bazar


Jaipur is known for many types of jewels and lac jewellery is one among them. If there is one place that is quite known for the lac jewellery, it has to be the triple E Bazar which has a lot of varieties of bangles. This makes it one of the best shopping areas in Jaipur. Tripolia is one of the best street shopping places in Jaipur. You will find so much of things in affordable price.

You also have a lot of textile shops that add to the shopping Appeal of the tripolia Bazar. You have Bandini, die and embroidery fabrics that are available here and you can also buy designer carpets, traditional wear, and even brass articles from here. It is open on all the seven days of the week from 10 A.M. Until 7 P.M.

Chandpole Bazar


This Bazar is one of the traditional markets of Jaipur and it is the place where you can Discover how the creativity and workmanship of the Jaipur people come to life. You can buy a variety of items including Handicrafts, marble carving, and Handlooms.

There is a special Street that is dedicated to the royal and flamboyant varieties of shoes that are almost close to what was won by the Rajput Kings, they are also known as mojris. In addition to this, you can also buy wood sculptures stone sculptures carpets and a lot of things including the traditional turban of the Rajasthani which is quite different from the Turban of the Punjabis. You can explore this place from 11 A.M. Onwards is open on all the seven days of the week.

Kishanpole Bazar


This place which again is one of the best places for shopping in Jaipur is famous for its textile goods not only different in terms of quality but also reasonable in terms of price. If you have a huge family of ladies who would like to have souvenirs of your visit from Jaipur, this is the place that you will need to shop at. In addition to Textiles, this place is also famous for a lot of wooden sculptures. It is open on all the days of the week from 11 A.M until 9 P. M.

Nehru Bazar


Nehru Bazar is quite a Holistic tourist destination in Jaipur and even more so when it comes to shopping. You will find a lot of things in Nehru Bazar including but not limited to Textiles, sculptures and a lot of other things. However, the biggest attraction in the Nehru Bazar is the traditional shoes of Jaipur that you can buy them.

These shoes are vibrant and so intricate that it gives a royal touch at its very site. The only catch is that you will need to bargain with the vendors to make sure that you get the best price. It is open from 10: 30 A.M until 7: 30 P.M.

Sireh Deori Bazaar

Sireh Deori

This place is opposite to the Hawa Mahal and is quite a place for Window shopping. Even if you do not buy anything, it is a nice experience just to see the items that are put on display. You can shop for a variety of items here including but not limited to leather shoes, Puppets, and wall hangings.

Everything that you buy in here is sure to have a Rajput touch in it. The specialty of this place is that of all the other shopping areas in Jaipur, you will get camel leather accessories only in this area.

Bapu Bazar

Bapu Bazar

Bapu Bazar is a beginner’s Paradise. You will get everything in here for very cheap prices and you can buy items like Textiles and shoes. This Bazar lies in the traditional side of Jaipur and even visiting this place in itself is an experience that you would like to have.

Mirza Ismail Road

Mirza Ismail

The Mirza Ismail Road in Jaipur is famous for its display of pottery works. It is one of the most vibrant street shopping places in Jaipur and this shows us the extent of intricate pottery that the Rajputs used to decorate their palaces and mahals. You can also add this collection to your palatial home or even your small home to make it look palatial.

Any tourist destination is bound to have a shopping dimension but Jaipur takes the cake. The shopping options in Jaipur are not limited to traditional alone or modern alone but a mix of both of it that make sure that you can take souvenirs for both your heart and mind!

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