Shopping Malls in Faridabad

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Faridabad is a huge North Indian State in Haryana which is gradually becoming developed with Upcoming malls and many heritage sites. There are also various rose gardens and a famous cricket stadium. But the shopping experience that you can have over here is unforgettable. Each of the shopping markets in Faridabad is truly unique and special in every way.

Here is the List of Famous Shopping Malls/Markets in Faridabad

1.Ansal Crown Plaza:

Ansal Crown Plaza

It is one of the popular shopping markets in Faridabad. At Ansal Crown Plaza, you can seek the Ultimate shopping experience. Under one roof, you can seek various international brands to choose from. You can get genuine products as well as various electronic goods over here. You can also find various bags, shoes, clothes and fashion apparels over here. It is located in Sector 15A of Azad Colony on the Mathura Road.

2. Pristine Mall:

Pristine Mall

Located in Sector 31, Pristine Mall is a great place to hang out with your friends and family members. There is a great array of shops for the customers. You can get a huge collection of apparels from here. There are a number of items ranging from varied price range which is available here. It is a popular shopping mall in Faridabad.

3. Crown Interiorz Mall:


Crown Interiorz Mall is based on the Fusion Mall Concept. It is located on Mathura Road in Subhas Nagar. It is a top mall which is best for interior products. You will get all the lifestyle shopping products as well as brands. It is a hypermarket which is great for the delightful shopaholics.

4. Eldeco Station 1 Mall:


Located in Sector 12 in Faridabad, Eldeco Station 1 Mall offers various apparels from both national and international brands. They sell stylish clothes and everything that you need. Under one roof, you will be getting t-shirts, shirts, and casual attire as well as beautiful ethnic wears. You get a wide range to choose from. There are amazing apparels to explore from. It is one of the must-visit shopping markets in Faridabad.

5. Radhika Mall:

Radhika Mall

Radhika Mall is located in Ashoka Enclave in Subhas Nagar in Sector 35. It is a great destination for selling various items like accessories, groceries and different range of apparels. The place is easily accessible from anywhere in Faridabad. It is usually crowded. It houses a wide range of footwear collection. There is also a salon which provides you with rejuvenation. You will also find a lot of eateries and food stalls that serves lip-smacking delicacies.

6. Slf Mall:


SLF Mall is a popular shopping market in Faridabad. It lies in the Indraprastha Colony. It offers a large number of choices for accessories, shoes, and apparels. It is a great place to shop from for both the locals as well as the visitors. This mall also has a big multiplex. If you are not interested in shopping, you can just relax in the mall and catch up on the latest release. Here you can just go shopping till you are tired as there is so much to shop from.

7. Sewa Grand Mall:

Sewa Grand Mall

Located in Sarai Khwaja Village in Sector 36, Sewa Grand Mall is a great shopping place in Faridabad. Although it is very small in size, it still offers loads of retail stores selling a variety of items. It is a bustling place and is crowded with number of people.

8. Senior Destination Mall:


Senior Destination Mall houses everything, a great infrastructure, multiplexes, multi-cuisine

Restaurants and departmental stores. It even houses a discotheque. It also has many entertainment areas. It sells a wide range of products like jewelry, gems, and boutique and fashion apparels. There are also a lot of eateries there. It is a mall of moderate budget. It can be best visited with groups, family as well as solo.

9. Vardhman Star Mall:

Vardhman Star Mall

Located in Sector 19, Vardhaman Star Mall is another popular shopping market in Faridabad. Here you will get various items like the shoes, accessories, and apparels ranging over a wide variety and price range. You can just roam around the place with your friends and family or just sit and relax in the mall. It is economical and specializes mainly in the apparels. Be it western clothes or ethnic attires, you will get it all over here. It is open from 9 am to 9 pm.

10. Ballabgarh:


At Ballabargh, you just have to name it and you will get it over here. It is a very popular extensive market area in Faridabad where you can get electronics, both less and more expensive ones, daily needed groceries, footwear, stationeries and other branded goods. It is a perfect place for shopping for everyday items and bulk as well as for minimum convenient usage. If you want everything in one place and that too at a great pocket-friendly rate, it is your perfect stop. The street shops here sell unique artworks and crafts. Whether it’s retail or wholesale, Ballabgarh has everything.

11. Sector 15:

Sector 15_Shopping Markets in Faridabad

The area in itself speaks shopping. Sector 15 is a great place to find branded stores and high-end Shops for your apparels and products. It is really posh but if you know your choice of brands and their high-end quality, it is a great place to just go and grab it. They fulfill your entire itinerary from food to shopping to cinema and games; it is a great option to visit during the weekends.

12. Sector 17 Market:


It is one of the oldest marketplaces in Faridabad. It spreads to a great area, containing both retail stores as well as wholesale shops. They sell daily required items at a very reasonable rate as well as a few supermarkets. Here you will get furniture, clothes, groceries, crockeries, meat, vegetables as well as stationery items. It is famous for artifacts and household items too. You can even see a variety of furniture which is reasonable with great designs, over here. The crockery range varies from kitchen items to various decorative items too. The super arts and markets cater to the needs of the people. Although the people of Faridabad are influenced by the mall, the street shopping is still highly popular among the people. It is close to the affluent NCR, it is these street stalls that make it even more people. Thousands of people crowd here every day to choose from thousands of items in these places.

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