10 Must Visit Shopping Markets in Chennai

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“Treat Yourself to a Little Retail Therapy, It Makes You Feel Happy”

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. There are numerous shopping markets in Chennai. It is sure you would enjoy shopping and bargaining on your trip to Chennai. Both men and women would enjoy this day-long activity in Chennai, exploring various shops selling various items of interest. Apart from the malls, there are many places and standalone shops which sells a large number of items at a very cheap or reasonable price. You will enjoy shopping while saving the pinch of your pocket too.

Must Visit Shopping Markets in Chennai

Thyagaraya Nagar:

Thyagaraya Nagar or T.Nagar is one of the popular shopping markets in Chennai. You will get anything that you will ever ask for. T.Nagar is especially famous for gold jewelry. You can visit all the high-end jewelry shops that you see on television advertisements on a day to day basis.

There are also shops selling silk sarees, crockeries, footwear, clothing, and cosmetics. It will help a lot if you can bargain as there is a huge and varied price range. Some of the items are very expensive. Avoid shopping here during the festive seasons as there will be a huge crowd. There are a huge number of food stalls as well as eateries in this area.

George Town:

George Town is one of the most crowded markets in Chennai filled with the hustle and bustle and cacophony of various shoppers and shopkeepers all throughout the day. The Burma Bazaar is popular for selling the best quality soft mulberry silk. You can even get a large number of options in the Kanchipuram sarees. They vary to a great deal in designs and prices.

There are shops for every age group like toy shops for children, electronic goods shop, shops selling shoes, bags, and clothes, exclusive shops for mobile accessories, stationery items and readymade garments. The prices are reasonable here.

Godown Street:

Godown Street is famous for Parry’s Corner. This street has been dealing with textiles for the past 200 years. It is more popular for its wholesale rates and stocks which are sold in bulk to various other shops. In Chennai, it is one of the cheap places to shop in. There is various percentile of discounts over here, varying from 30-40%.

Some items are purchased from Taiwan and China and they are sold here. You should definitely know how to bargain when you are shopping here. You can also find a good variety of shoes. Nowadays, Godown Street is no longer reserved for wholesale parties. The stocks are even available for common people who don’t buy in bulk.


At Sowcarpet, you can find North Indian dresses like the cholis, churidars, and lehengas. Since the people of North India stays in this part of Chennai, which is the Northern part, you can easily find the North Indian dresses over here. It is popular for the readymade garments. It is better to go along with a Tamil speaking person to bargain and purchase at the best price. There are so many things to purchase from here that will be filling your suitcases at a really fast pace. There is also Kasi Chetty Street close to Sowcarpet. Here you can purchase imported items like kids bicycle, music systems, calculator, batteries and other unique items.

Pondy Bazaar:

Pondy Bazaar is a commercial hub as well as a great shopping market in Chennai. There’s a lot of variety to choose from. It is often referred to as the Mecca of shopping destinations. It is one of the busiest markets in South Chennai. There are items for all age groups. You can find electronics, household items, clothes, toys, shoes, jewelry items, fragrances, DVDs, and CDs.

You can even find the retail showrooms of various brands like the Woodland, Raymond, Fastrack, Nike, Lee and many more. You can even get International lingerie brands over here. You can get Bucket, ropes and other accessories from the road vendors at best price. They are one of the most popular attractions of Pondy Bazaar.

Pantheon Road:

There are various streets which are famous for shopping in Chennai. One of the most popular shopping markets in Chennai is the Pantheon Road in Egmore. It is primarily famous for the cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are popular in Chennai because of the sultry weather. You will get good quality products here at a very reasonable price. You will get pastel shades, bright shades and various other colors and shades over here. Shopping in this cotton street requires good bargaining skills. Here you will get trendy colors with a lot of variety in the fabric.


Purasawalkam is a popular part of Chennai where you will get clay pot cooking items, vegetables, jewelry, groceries, and Pharmacy. Tana Street is an abusy area all throughout the year. There are many textile showrooms too. The most popular ones are the Densha, Saravana Stores, Madarsha, Textile India and Rathna Stores.


Triplicane is the best place for buying books both new and second hand. Here you will get various options. You can purchase second-hand books at half the price. If you are looking to buy textbooks, academic and non-academic books, Triplicane is the right choice for shopping in Chennai. Moreover, you will also get books written by various authors like Chetan Bhagat, Jeffrey Archer, Barrack Obama and APJ Abdul Kalam.

Burma Bazaar:

The Burmese refugees have set up shops over there. This bazaar was set up in the year 1969 by the Tamil Nadu Government itself. It is situated in Parrys Corner in Chennai Beach Railway Station and it is crowded by people all throughout the year. It is in George Town, it is the old financial district. There are more than 200 shops. It extends for a stretch of one kilometer. More than one lakh people visit this marketplace every day. There are various shops that sell perfumes, electronics, CDs, software and various items to choose from.

Ritchie Street:

Ritchie Street is primarily the electronic hub in Chennai. Various types of imported electronic items are found here. Electronic goods from China and Korea are mainly sold here. Here everything is found at a very reasonable rate. It extends to Wallers Road and Narasingapuram Street. It is adjacent to Anna Salai. This crowded street is near Ritchie Street. Here, you can even get movies and Video games or things of digital content for sale.

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