5 Best Places in Dubai for Shopping Must See While Traveling To Dubai

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Dubai is the best tourist destination for shopping. The entire Dubai trip package remains incomplete without loads of shopping from the world-class malls in Dubai. There are a large number of shopping malls which sells various luxury items and designer labels. Be it electronics, gold, shoes or clothes, you name it and you will get it in Dubai. Products even from Turkey, China, India, and Iran are also found here. Even the shopping festivals are very popular in Dubai.

1. Dubai Shopping Mall

Dubai Shopping Mall provides its customers with the best shopping experience. There are thousands of stores in this mall, which makes it look like a mini city. There is also an indoor waterfall inside the mall, which is as high as a four-story building.

There is a ski-rink as well as a huge aquarium inside the mall. If you are a foodie, you can even find a huge number of food outlets over here. A huge number of brands from Europe and the US is also over here. It even has the beautiful musical Dubai Fountains which is also a major attraction.

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Website: https://thedubaimall.com/

2. Deira Gold Souk

If you are a gold lover, you will surely love Deira Gold Souk. There are a huge number of shops here which sells gold. Each has a huge collection of gold bars as well as a variety of gold jewelry. There is an old souk as well as a new souk where you can get the jewels at a great bargain. To get a good deal and a better bargain, you can hop from shop to shop. Cash is mostly preferred because they charge an extra fee to pay by credit card.

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3. Global Village

Global Village is located on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It is a very popular shopping festival which is hosted all over the world. It is a carnival, where people start to flock from the end of November.

Various international artists even come here to host a show or to show some stunts. There are various pavilions from various different countries, which highlights their items and artifacts. If you buy in bulk, you can even get huge discounts.

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4. Al Fahidi Street

Electronics can be purchased from here at a very low rate since Dubai is a tax-free country. There are a huge variety of shops selling electronic products, like refrigerators, ovens, cameras, computers, laptops and many more. But when you are buying an electronic product from here, you should definitely ask for the international warranty. Even checking the voltage requirement is important over here.

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5. Bur Dubai Souk

Textiles from the Far East and India is sold over here. It is mostly popular for fabrics and textiles. It is all along the Dubai Creek. So you will have to walk for shopping. Great exotic quality of fabrics can be found over here. There are various jewelry stores and sari shops here too. The tailoring shops here, even tailor your clothes according to the specifications. It is a collection of colorful shops.

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Dubai has a lot to offer to its tourists in terms of shopping. It is a great shopping paradise for all its visitors. The above-mentioned places are the most popular among them.

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