Shopping Markets in Udaipur

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Udaipur is the major city of Rajasthan. It has earned a nickname ‘City of Lakes’ since it is surrounded with numerous lakes. Also, praised as Venice of the East, this town has several sightseeing places attracting tourists of all tastes. A trip to Udaipur remains incomplete if you have not indulged in shopping. There are several buzzing shopping markets in Udaipur, each one having a unique and spectacular range of authentic Rajasthani products.


Why are Udaipur Shopping Markets Famous?

Being an international tourist destination, people visiting Udaipur should definitely spend time in exploring different shopping areas. The tourists can get a chance to purchase the best of metal furniture, artifacts, paintings, contemporary art, carpets, rugs, handicrafts, jewelry, miniature and many more. As there are numerous shopping areas, you can see a variety of items in the this City of Lakes. Artifacts and local handicrafts are the best picks in the city. You can get exclusive articles at reasonable prices in Udaipur local markets.

If you wish to get a break or spend some time for yourself, you have to step into the top shopping markets of Udaipur.

1. Hathipole:

Do you love street shopping? At Udaipur, you would truly enjoy street shopping till you feel tired. Hathipole is one of the famous shopping markets in Udaipur. It is visited by tourists as well as locals. It is hard to come without buying anything when you step into this shopping area. The entire market replicates the fame of Rajasthan. The colorful footwear, garments and exquisite handicrafts are popular products to buy in this market. Bandhani or Bandhej and Leheriya are produced with tie and dye method are easily available at a reasonable price. The Jaipuri razai or Rajasthani quilts are must-see items here.

Timings: It is open from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM. It is closed on Sundays.

2. Ghanta Ghar:

Ghanta Ghar is also referred as Clock Tower by the locals. It is located close to Jagdish Chowk Street. As it is situated in the heart of Udaipur city, it is easy to find this area. Ghanta Ghar is famous for rustic wooden articles, handicraft items, and silver jewelry. You can find exclusive jewelry items here. The ornaments have beautiful kundan, polka and meenakari work on them. It looks more highlighting with silver and zinc designs. The jewels have precious gems made up of emeralds, sapphire, and ruby exhibiting royal Rajasthani look. This shopping market is best for purchasing handcrafted items made up of zinc, silver, brass, lac, wood, ivory and other items.

Timings: It is open from 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM on all days, except Sundays.

3. City Palace Street:

City Palace Street is a must visit place for all shopaholics. It is the most happening street in Udaipur where you can easily purchase beautiful chic and classic leather articles. The cell phone covers, journals, leather bags and more resembles a perfect combination of vintage and ultra-modern. Each of the items looks attractive and loved by people all over the world. There is no chance to think that it is out of trend. If you wish to add a new style statement to your accessories, you need to purchase leather bags at City Palace Street in Udaipur.

Timings: It is open from 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

4. Maldas Street:

Planning to purchase a wedding outfit? Well, Maldas Street in Udaipur is the right destination where you can purchase gorgeous wedding outfits at a reasonable price. The entire cloth market is loaded with lots of ethnic wear collections. You can see ladies crowding all over to buy at the price they have set in mind. You have a lot of options here for the same price. It is actually hard to choose due to numerous options. Be careful! You may end up purchasing more than what you have decided to buy.

Timings: Maldas Street Market is open from 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

5. Bada Bazar:

Bada Bazar is one of the oldest and famous shopping markets in Udaipur. It is a place where you can buy lot of exclusive and unique items from clothing to cosmetics, shoes to fabulous gold jewelry and more. It is also famous for Rajasthan’s ethnic Roshak. Are you good at bargaining? Well, it is time to test your bargaining skills here at Bada Bazar. The more you bargain the more you can buy at the cheaper price. Remember, bargaining works best here. Bada Bazar is exactly close to Clock Tower.

Timings: It is open from 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

6. Shilpgram:

Shilgram showcases the setting of Indian village. If you are a person who likes hand-crafted items, Shilpgram is the must-visit shopping spot in Udaipur. Here, you can get various items made out of clay, hand-painted pottery items and more. There are also Khadi items and uncut glass articles in one to two shops in this street. Ensure to watch the puppet show apart from shopping. The Shilpgram fair is famous and takes place during December. People from nooks and corners of the country exhibit their stalls during the fair season.

Timings: It is open from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

7. Sindhi Bazaar:

As you move a little away from the Bada Bazaar, you can enter into the Sindhi Bazaar. It houses all kinds of clothes for women, men, and kids at offer price. It is best to explore Sindhi Bazaar by walk or two-wheeler rather than car as it remains crowded most part of the day. With proper bargaining and fast selection of clothes, you can take bundles of shopping bags back home.

Timings: Sindhi Bazaar is open from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

8. Lakhara Chowk:

Another popular shopping market in Udaipur is Lakhara Chowk. It is famous for personal décor items, cosmetic products, artificial jewelry, and bangles. It houses numerous shops along the narrow lanes of the city. It is sometimes hard to access even when you go to a two-wheeler. Walking is the best option to shop around as you wish in Lakhara Chowk. If you want to purchase matching bangles for your outfit or saree, you can ask the seller to match and pair your dress accordingly.

Timings: It is open from 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Nothing more to say, prepare your list and get set to shop in the splendid markets of Udaipur. It is sure you would feel surprised and breathless for sure because of their collections and varieties. Do share your comments and suggestions below. We are waiting to hear about your shopping experiences.

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