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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Noida

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Planning for a trip to Noida? Well, you should definitely visit the shopping markets in Noida. Noida is a peaceful city housing several big malls and beautiful gardens, where people can spend their leisure time. The Spice Mall and the Great India Place are two popular shopping malls that provide you with various new opportunities in Noida. The weekly markets in Noida provide with a wide array of products. Both the commoners and the visitors would love to visit these markets. The below-listed shopping markets in Noida are popular for both wholesale and retail goods.

Here is the list of Top 10 Famous Shopping Markets in Noida

Atta Market:

Atta Market Noida

Atta Market is a popular market in Noida, even for the new ones. Here you will get the best bargains and the great deals. You can purchase a variety of items like home appliances, musical instruments, fashion apparels and clothing. You will also get the utensils and even accessories like the footwear, leather bags and imitation jewellery at a reasonable price. The aesthetic items and the cosmetics can also be purchased at a good price. If you are planning to travel, then you can get duffel bags at cheap prices. Here you just have to be careful about pickpockets, especially in the narrow lanes.

Savitri Market:

Savitri MarketSavitri Market is mainly famous for electronic goods, just like Gaffar Market and is highly popular among the people. Here you can get all branded cell phones and laptops. You can also get a wide variety of accessories, both branded and non-branded. There are various shops to compare your prices and buy the most reasonable one. Here laptops are even repaired at a cheap price. It is an economic market. There are various food stalls and café which makes this place even more popular among the people. It is also connected to Sector 18 which has many supermarkets in Noida.

Indira Market:

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Indira Market is located in Sector 27. There are various shops selling a variety of kitchenware for your house. It has some of the best boutiques where you can buy gorgeous designer clothes. If you love junk jewelry, then there are various local shops as well as individual stand-alone shops selling them at a reasonable price. You will get various items of household requirements from here. Although it expands up to a small area, it is popular and is always crowded.

Brahmaputra Market:

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The locals term this market as BP and it is located in Sector 29. It is a popular market in Noida for meat lovers and for all the food lovers. It is an evening market where the narrow lanes are filled with local vendors. They sell a lot of items like accessories, clothes and books. It’s a lot similar to the Chandni Chowk area in Old Delhi. The most popular food items are the Biryani, Kathi rolls, momos, chaats and even South Indian food items.

Lal Market:

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In Lal Market, there is a popular tea shop. It serves different kinds of tea in a variety of flavors. There are various supermarkets, small medical stores, best furniture stores and clothing stores here. You can also get various food items at a very cheap price over here. The fish markets here are interesting and provides a lot of variety to choose from at a really good price.

Great India Place Mall:

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Great India Place Mall is located in Sector 38 A. It is commonly known as the GIP Mall. It is located just near the World of Wonder. It is a large mall in not only Noida but is also one of the largest malls in the country. There are various popular restaurants too like Yo! China and TGIF.

Logix City Centre Mall:

Logix City Centre MallThe Mall is located in BW 58, Golf Marg, Sector 32. It provides one with great entertainment experience. It is a popular commercial property in Noida. It provides you with a great shopping experience as well as great culinary experience. You can please your taste buds here in restaurants like A Grill Company, I sacked Newton, Jungle Jamboree, Skyhouse, and various other restaurants.

Grand Venice Mall:

Grand Venice MallGrand Venice Mall is the largest mall in Greater Noida. It has the true essence of the Roman architecture. There is also a popular food court like the Terrazzo. It is an exotic restaurant. If you really love to dine at a great place then you have some of the best options like the Gazebo and the Mr. Zurros. You have plenty of options in Greater Noida. It is located in Plot No. SH3, Site IV, Near Pari Chowk in Greater Noida. Mall of India Mall: Mall of India Mall is known as the DLF Mall. This mall brought in the zoning concept in India. It is located in Ashok Marg in Noida. It has several popular eateries like the Irish House, Big Chill, Nature and many others. There is also a Family World and Leisure World. The High Street is located on the second floor. There are 6 floors and 5 zones. There are many retail openings in the mall which are frequently visited by the people. The International Boulevard is located on the ground floor.

The Shopprix Mall:

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The Shopprix Mall is located in Maharaja Agrasen Marg, Block E Sector 1. Some popular restaurants in this mall include the Punjabi Dhaba 61, Punjabi Pakwaan, Otik Hotspot and other places. It is a commercial shopping center. There are various food options to choose from. It is a great place to hang around with your family members and friends. It has great many shopping options to choose from, almost all the top shopping brands are found here. In Noida, you can enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience because of the great options and a wide range to choose from. You will get a great many options in both high-end retail stores as well as wholesale stores to shop from. You can get budget options as well as luxury items so that you can buy something of your own choice according to whichever budget suits you. Along with the shopping options, one can get a plethora of food options while you go out shopping. What’s more? Plan a lavish trip to Noida and visit some of the best shopping markets for an amazing experience.

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